Maverick ET-733

Maverick ET-733 Thermometer Review

The Maverick ET-733 is often cited as being one of the best thermometers on the market. It is very popular with professional and amateur pit masters alike.

But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Even Though it is very popular, the ET-733 is not without its detractors. In this post, I will look in detail at the Maverick ET-733 thermometer and review whether it is worth buying or if you should look at an alternative.

Maverick ET-733 Overview

Maverick ET-733

This meat thermometer has a dual probe that allows you to simultaneously monitor the meat and pit temperature from up to 300 feet away.

There are absolutely no surprises about the ET-733 setup. The dual probes are connected by a transmitter that is then placed inside your electric smoker.

It gives you the opportunity to choose from 15 different meat presets. There are no issues with its setup, just select the probe and select the required temperature. You can set a temperature range as well.

There is an alarm function that rings when the lower or upper-temperature limit is exceeded. Its receiver has a backlight that automatically extinguishes after about five seconds. It gives you enough time to change the settings.

The overall range is good but will be reduced if there are any walls in the way. There is a loss of signal alert when the device goes out of range.

Maverick ET-733 – Some Details

On unboxing the Maverick ET-733, you will find the transmitter and receiver units, 4 AAA batteries, two hybrid probes, and grill clips. These clips will be used to stabilize the temperature probes off the grill.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 3 feet long probe wires
  • Rated for a maximum temperature of 716°F
  • 15 preset temperatures for meat
  • Audio alarm alerts you when the preset temperature is reached.
  • Loss of signal alert if you go out of range
  • Large 300 feet range
  • The receiver displays 32°F to 572°F

Ease of Use

Compared to the ET-732, some improvements have been made with the newer ET-733.

  • Easy temperature monitoring for each probe. Switch between the preset temperature mode and the manual temperature settings.
  • Set a high and low temperature for your pit probe so you can get an alarm when it goes outside of the cooking range.
  • Easy switching between different temperature measuring units i.e. centigrade and Fahrenheit.
  • Doesn’t have too many useless features that get in the way of the present great functions.
  • You don’t require a screwdriver for changing the battery like in most of the meat thermometers.
  • Not difficult to program at all, unlike many other thermometers that have this problem.

Speed and Accuracy

Accuracy and speed are the most important and prominent features when it comes to meat thermometers. Fortunately, the Maverick Thermometer ET-733 is top-notch when considering both of these parameters.

The ET-733 performs really well in boiling and freezing water tests. It also works well for measuring your meat temperature so long as you leave it in while cooking. Avoid making foolish mistakes that can result in bad temperature readings. Make sure the meat probe is inserted sideways towards the center of the cut.

You should insert this before you start the smoke then leave the lid closed until it gets to your desired temperature. All Maverick thermometers have a tolerance of plus or minus 3-4°F. They all are most accurate within the typical food range, with a larger tolerance range at the minimum and maximum temperatures.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Maverick ET-733 is hotly debated nowadays. The general perception of people about this thermometer is that the ET-733 is built to last. Like any product of this nature there will always be some issues and the most common problems are:

  • Probes failing
  • Cheap construction
  • Receiver and transmitter issues

The last issue can be fixed easily by turning the receiver on before the transmitter.

The temperature probe issue arises due to the delicacy of this equipment. If you treat them with care you can help extend the life of your thermometer. Don’t expose the probes to water as it can damage them.

One good thing about the ET-733 is that it is rainproof. It is still recommended to keep the transmitter inside a clear plastic zipper seal bag. If you leave the transmitter in direct sunlight, it will cause it to overheat. Don’t ever submerge the probe in water, clean it by wiping it down with a paper towel.

The Maverick ET-733 is water-resistant for sure but still better to be on the safe side.

Using the ET-733 Thermometer

Maverick ET-733

The ET-733 really excels when used in a smoker thermometer setup. It performs best when used to measure the pit temperature and meat temperature during low and slow cooking. Don’t use the Maverick when you need to quickly check the temperature.

If you have bought this thermometer to check the temperature of your steak or fish then you are going to be disappointed. The response times are too slow to quickly get a temperature reading so your steak might be overdone by the time the unit can give an accurate reading. You can also check the accuracy of your device if you have some concerns about it.

Maverick ET-732 vs. Maverick ET-733

If you own an ET-732, you probably want to know if it is worth upgrading to the ET-733. While ET-733 was released in 2013, it still sells like hot cake. Let’s find out what’s different in the newer model…

  • The ET-733 has a much larger receiver than ET-732. It helps in quick temperature reading and temperature configurations.
  • ET-732 has designated food and BBQ probes while ET-733 has two more flexible hybrid probes.
  • You can go up and down when setting temperature which is not the case with ET-732.
  • ET-733 gives you the opportunity to preset the temperature settings for different meat types.

The larger screen and better controls are nice enhancements that were absent in the previous model. It is good to make small improvements rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. A big improvement is the addition of two dual probes instead of designated probes. This means you can monitor two cookers or two meat pieces at the same time.

You can use the Maverick to measure multiple meat pieces at once or if you want to run multiple smokers at the same time. It is a good device to expand your setup and add versatility to it.

Should You Buy the Maverick ET-733 Thermometer?

The Maverick ET-733 is a smart purchase if you haven’t got a dual probe thermometer. Its interface will take some time to learn but its large screen, temperature accuracy, and build quality all make it a great choice at this price point.

If you are using an instant-read thermometer at the moment and lifting up your smoker lid every 30 minutes, then switching to the Maverick is an absolute lifesaver.

The 15 temperature presets and being able to override them are nice to have. If you treat the probes well, you can expect many years of use. If you do face any issues, Maverick is well renowned for its excellent customer service and the ET-733 comes with a standard 90 days warranty.

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