can you use an electric smoker in the rain

Can You Use an Electric Smoker in the Rain?

Nobody likes having their plans ruined by the weather. But if you are looking forward to an afternoon of cooking on your electric smoker do you have to pack it up at the first sign of rain? 

Can you use an electric smoker in the rain? It is a very sensible question! Are they waterproof? Will the food be ruined? Will the whole thing explode or just stop working? Let’s take a look…

Can you use an electric smoker in the rain?

You shouldn’t use an electric smoker in the open if there is a significant amount of rain expected. If you are determined to keep your smoking plans going then you will need to find a dry spot to use your electric smoker

The odd shower or light drizzle might be ok, but electric smokers are not waterproof and will not stand up to a proper soaking. There is a good chance that the smoker will stop working if it gets too wet. 

On top of this, it is quite likely that the food won’t turn out as you had hoped if water gets inside the machine, or if the smoker struggles to maintain an even temperature due to the water ingress.  You are using a smoker because you want some delicious meat, so it’s best not to jeopardize that by letting it get too wet.

Is it safe to use an electric smoker in the rain?

It is not safe to use an electric smoker in the rain. Due to the nature of an electric smoker, there are electrics involved which can become dangerous when they get wet. All the wiring is contained in the unit so it shouldn’t cause an immediate risk with light rain but it is not worth the risk of using one during prolonged periods of rain. 

You might well be able to use it and get away without any problems but we don’t think that it is worth trying your luck and we suggest finding a dry location to use your electric smoker

You should always use electrical outlets and extensions that are weatherproof to minimize the risk from these sources. 

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How can you use an electric smoker in the rain?

You can use your electric smoker when it’s raining, so long as the rain isn’t getting your electric smoker wet. So, if you want to carry on smoking you will need to find a way to keep your smoking area dry (or find a dry area that is safe to use – hint this is not putting the electric smoker in the garage).

One of the best options is to use a permanent shelter or gazebo and this could be a good investment if you are serious about barbequing. You could also use a porch if you have one that is relatively large and open on three sides.

But, if you are looking for a temporary solution when the heavens open then something like a tarp rigged up above your smoking area should be enough to keep the worst of the weather off your electric smoker.  

Another great option, if you are able to plan ahead, would be to buy a grill gazebo. This is basically a standard outdoor canopy that has a couple of extra features that make them perfect for use over a grill or smoker. They tend to have a dual tiered roof to allow for maximum airflow and extra ventilation and are made of fire-retardant materials. 

The beauty of these gazebos is that they are also perfect for nicer weather and will provide you with shade and protection from UV rays when the sun is shining. Having one of these in your garden is a perfect way to ensure that you can keep on smoking whatever the weather. 

Can an electric smoker get wet?

An electric smoker shouldn’t be allowed to get wet. They are not made to be waterproof and water is likely to cause a few problems. Water is likely to cause your electric smoker to rust and this can also happen inside the cooking chamber. Most fatal would be if water gets inside the electric control box which could cause the smoker to stop working altogether. 

To reduce the risk of these problems you should always store your electric smoker somewhere dry. This should always include using a properly fitting cover, but if possible it is a good idea to store it in a shed or under a canopy or roof. 

Can you use an electric smoker that’s got wet?

So maybe you forgot to put the cover on. Or you used your electric smoker in a little bit of rain. Can you still use it? Well, to be honest, there is only one way to find out, but unless it got really drenched it should probably still work.

If you have a well-made electric smoker the electrics are protected by various gaskets and special resins which should protect them from water ingress. 

But, you never know when these might fail and if you repeatedly leave it out in the rain or don’t store it properly then it is likely to give up on you sooner or later. 

Can I store my electric smoker on my patio?

You can store an electric smoker on a patio if that is where you would like to store it. The important thing is to try and protect it from the elements so always use a properly fitted cover. If possible you should try and use an area of the patio that has the most shelter from the wind and rain. This could be close to a wall or under a roof if at all possible. 

Can you use an electric smoker in a tent?

You should not use an electric smoker in a tent. This would be a big fire hazard and could result in a build-up of carbon monoxide. You should only ever use an electric smoker in a space that is well ventilated and open on at least 3 sides. 

A grill gazebo is an ideal solution for providing temporary shelter so you can crack on with cooking up a storm, whether that is smoked brisket, turkey, or salmon.  

Can I use my electric smoker in the rain? The verdict

You should try not to use an electric smoker in the rain. You do not want it to get wet as this could be dangerous or damage your smoker. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the adverse weather conditions should spoil your fun. The key thing is that an electric smoker shouldn’t get wet in the rain.

With a little bit of planning, you should be able to create an area that protects your electric smoker from the rain and allows you to keep cooking in all weather conditions.

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